Now that's an ill ass flask.

DOOM - Microwave Mayonaisse (YouTube)

I want a DOOM toy now.

AFC West Draft Recap

Blah blah blah from Todd something and a person with tits.

Capcom Confirms Marvel vs. Capcom 2 HD - Coming to XBLA

Now i get to whoop some ass on the 360. Online. Gyea!

Stafford Signs

So Stafford agrees to play for the Lions.

6 more picks. Hope it's a good one.

The new NFL season starts!

EA Sports Unleashes the Debut Trailer for Madden NFL 10


Audiotistic - Sat. May 9th!!!



... wait, wait, wait...

The Legendary Roots Crew ANNNDD Reflection Eternal!?!

i can't fucking wait.

Bun-B - Don't Play With Your Responsibilities (YouTube)

.5 of UGK sprinkles some G-A-M-E for that ass. Go cop that UGK 4 Life.

A Crooked Post

So i've been laggin' on postin' up Crooked tracks cuz of escuela but here's what i've got so far from Mr. COB this year. For all my COBs out there.

Crooked I '09

Crooked I Takes Aim At West Coast Icons (Video)

This after the shooting. Too bad we won't be able to see No Country for Old Men(tality). Hopefully that King Tech produced work will be a banger.

Al Green - Sha-La-La (Make Me Happy) (YouTube)

Just found out it's Al Green's born day, 63 years still a pimp.

Video: Raiders Draft Preview

Very blah. Just covering all the speculations regarding the draft, Cable's standing as a HC, and addressing the signing of Jeff Garcia. If you're not a Raider fan maybe this is interesting... but it's nothing special if you are.

Losers #2 Cover

Just found this shit right now, looks pretty dope. Never heard of the comic or whatever it is tho x=

SABER Sexy Lightsaber Underwear Fight (YouTube)

Ha, wouldn't that be a trip. Chicks + swords = killer. Plus it's a fucking lightsaber?! Yea, that's what's up.

Q-Tip - Gettin’ Up (5 Minutes of Manic Mix)

Whoa, this shit is dope right here. DJ Manic killed it & the vid matches well.

Here's the .mp3 if y'all want:

Q-Tip - Gettin' Up (5 Minutes of Manic Mix)

"Jay Z" vs Spanish Icon "El Fary" - Mash up by Cookin' Soul

I'll be honest, i don't know who "El Frey" is, but i do know Jay-Z and i do know Cookin' Soul. Almost anything the CS crew touches is golden.

Ludacris & DJ Jaycee - The Emcee & The Deejay (Video)

DJ Jaycee goin' off. Good to see MCs like Luda rep for the DJ. Always gotta have love for the turntablists.

The Emcee and The DeeJay from DTP TV on Vimeo.

Zion I - Geek To The Beat (Video)

Ill shit from Zion I. Like that Alice in Wonderland concept. I'm a geek to the beat myself.

Zion I "Geek To The Beat" from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

Dumbest Contestant on Wheel of Fortune {EVER} (YouTube)

Wow. The definition of failure.

2Pac & Richie Rich - Pac & Rich

Old ass tape i made of my then favorite Pac & Richie Rich cuts. Still bangin' it so here it is:

2Pac & Richie Rich - Pac & Rich

Hip Hop Confessions

Skillz presents... Hip-Hop Confessions from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.


Here's one for u:

I never really listened to 'Pac till the 2000's. x=

Elizabeth Browning - Aurora Leigh

Just a quote i pulled from Elizabeth Browning's "Aurora Leigh". From Book 2 entitled "Aurora's Aspirations".
The worthiest poets have remained uncrowned
Till death has bleached their foreheads to the bone;
And so with me it must be unless i prove
Unworthy of the grand adversity,
And certainly i would not fail so much.
What, therefore, if i crown myself to-day
In sport, not pride, to learn the feel of it,
Before my brows be numbered as Dante's own.
Crowned myself in sport a long time ago. It feels good to feel confident in your abilities. Still tho, in this trade, i believe you have to stay humble. Humility goes a long way.

Keelay and Zaire - Ridin High

Finally. This shit is dope, forreal.

Keelay and Zaire - Ridin High

Exclusive Announcement of 2009 NFL Schedule

So the schedule is coming out on the 14th and NFLN/NFL.com are gonna be analyzing it and blah blah blah.

Well, i got the San Diego Chargers first up as a Monday nighter. I really hope we start off better than the last 3 openers. We've been embarrassed ridiculously, i hope this is the year we change it. What better way than against the Chargers who we haven't been in like 11 games. (The record's too bad for me to look).

When we win it'll be oh so sweet.

J. Wells - Digital Master

Can't believe i just got this now even though i've heard most of this shit. J. Wells def bringin' it from the west. Can't wait for Digital Master 2.1!

J. Wells - Digital Master