Curtis Mayfield - Keep On Keepin' On Live (Video)

Challenges happen day to day and don't stop coming like the waves.  All we have to do is...

Big Bang Big Boom (Video)

BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Another dope presentation by the artist Blu.  Something transcendental about this piece.

What's Worth Remembering?

    I never really knew the meaning of Memorial Day.  Growing up, it was another excuse to have time off from school, another excuse to get away from what little work I chose to do.   It never dawned on me to investigate and understand what the day meant.
My logic told me it was a holiday.  I’ve always understood that the word holiday is short for ‘holy day’.  The word ‘holy’ is commonly associated with what is sacred, something to be venerated, something that carries the essence of the divine.  With this logic, I asked myself: what makes this day ‘holy’?

Memorial Day is celebrated as a “United States federal holiday”.  That in itself is an insult to my logic.  A government’s domain is the political authority, but a government assigning sacred days is a blatant attack on an individual’s spiritual values.  How can a government choose for an individual which day is holy, which day is sacred?  I see nothing divine about a federal government, especially one with origins that stem from calculated bloodshed and disregard for human life and traditional values.  These ‘federal holidays’ skew our understanding of that which is divine.  By corrupting a person’s understanding of what is holy, no realm of the individual’s psyche becomes inaccessible.  For what is holy is meant to be sacred and unsoiled, but if a government is able to alter one’s definition of what is holy, then that government has the power to manipulate a person any way it chooses because the notions of what is sacred, of what is holy, of what is divine dictate the values of an individual.  If you change one’s understanding of what is divine, you can change their values.  I see nothing honest in a system which wants to create values for an individual with a purpose to manipulate them. 

My logic also told me that Memorial Day stood for a day in which something or someone is commemorated, remembered.  So then I asked myself: who or what am I supposed to remember and why?

Memorial Day stands as a day to remember Americans who died in war, to remember those who sacrificed their lives for us living today.  Yes, those soldiers were brothers, fathers, husbands, uncles, etc. but they did not die for you.  They died to further the agenda of America.  They were used by a government.  Americans are quick to pay respect to fallen soldiers who fought to guarantee their freedoms, yet in this so called land of freedom and equality and equal opportunity there is a vast majority of people who are oppressed by the very government they take so much pride in associating themselves with.  They are “proud to be American”.  They fail to realize that just because you are in the country, that reason alone does not make you American.  There are still those who, because of the structure of the system, are unemployed, are hungry, are homeless, have been systematically oppressed and are so desperate that the most viable options just to get by are drugs and crime, because the government only created a false reality of freedom and liberty.  There are still people who do not enjoy the benefits of America.  No, you’ve got to enjoy the fruits of Americanism to be an American.  People celebrate the idea of liberty but fail to see the invisible chains of a shackled freedom.  Memorial Day becomes another opportunity to distract people further from the more important aspects of life. 

We must remember that American history is short compared to the history of the world.  Many people have died for America, yes, but what about the people who sacrificed for us before America was established?  Through a system of manipulation and distraction, America has successfully discouraged one from honoring more important individuals directly involved with their existence.  We should be remembering the most significant people of our past: our ancestors.  They are the direct reason for our existence.  It is through their will to survive that we are here today.  Their blood runs through our veins.  Are they not worth at least a day of remembrance?  We must respect, honor, and nurture our true roots rather than tend to a tree which bears no fruit for us.

So, what is Memorial Day?  Who do we remember?  Why is it important that we remember them?  These are questions that any thinking person living in America should ask themselves every day, not just the designated day created by the government for their own agenda.

Galt MacDermot - Coffe Cold

Think i posted this before but the vid is from the 1968 movie "The Thomas Crown Affair".  I'm actually bout to watch it right now - just because this clip is too ill & the plot summary on imdb enticed my curiosity.  The Truth hurts because truth is all there is!

Big Rich & Ya Boy - Guns & Roses The EP

12 Feb. 2010: Jazzy Fat Nasty presents - J Dilla Tribute

Say word?!  I haven't even been downtown in a minute, but i might have to check this out!

James Dewitt Yancey

James Dewitt Yancey (February 7, 1974 – February 10, 2006)

CBS "Corporate BloodShed" "City Bomb Squad" "Can't Be Stopped" LosAngeles graffiti Art "Graffiti Writers Against The War"

LA Graff

Watch This: Common "The Light " LIVE w/ Colbie Caillat & Zac Brown

"It don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine".  Vintage Com.

Lucy Pearl - Without You (J Dilla Remix)

"i can't walk, i can't talk, what can i do - without you
i can't eat, i can't sleep, what can i do - without you
i dunno, which way to go, which way to turrrnnn...."

"... and i don't even know my self sometimes baybaaaaaaa... "

Damn, who the hell still remembers Lucy Pearl??  For my 80's babies/90's kids.  RIDE OUT!!!

* Can't find my cd with the .mp3.... d'oh.

Watch This: Def Jam Poetry - Consequence "Friend Zone"

The dangerous "friend zone", the bane of my existence, haha.  A very young Cons speakin' on the unheralded  burden of those of us stuck in that position.  Word!

Mos Def & Talib Kweli - K.O.S. (Determination)

 "With that whuuuut..."

"We gonna gonna take this Hip Hop shit & keep it movin"
 "I got love in the face of hate"
Mellow ass song.  After RE comes back together, Mos & Kweli need to hook us up with some treats again!  Black Star keep shining!

Watch This: Mystic - The Life

"This is for warm days that drift away /
While the sun sets and the ghettos play /
Long nights on a hot summers block /
Where you sip your brew and never touch your glock"

And with that, Mystic laid one of the most beautiful songs EVER! Anyways, heard this song in a dream last night.  Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom: one of the west coast's heavily guarded secret!!!  Enjoy:

Dorian Concept on the Beats

Dorian Concept on the Beats

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Lou Rawls - Early Morning Love (1977)

"... before you know it the whole darn day is gooonnnee"

Self Scientific - Designer Music

"I got designer jeans and a white tee..."

Blah, blah, blah. I don't like the focus of the album. It "explores the current consumer culture, brought on by the modern phenomenon, we know as street wear". I don't want to explore this materialistic/consumerist age; i'm bombarded with their crap everyday! Anyways, the beat is fresh, as only Khalil does it, and Chace kills the commercial cats on their own tried topic (or just does the same, ha).

I cannot wait for this instrumental to hit the web.

Self Scientific - Designer Music

Watch This: Reflection Eternal - The Blast

"They ask me what i'm writing for / i'm writing to show you what i'm fighting for"

Real therapeutic with this rainy weather in SD.

Teddy Pendergrass

March 26, 1950 - January 13, 2010

Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Method Man – Clap 2010

Hopped onto GReader & this gem was waiting for me from the dope spot. So sick i had to share. New Wu!

Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Method Man – Clap 2010

100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art

There's so much you can do with paper.

Paper art can be traced back to Japan, where it originated over a thousand years ago.

From complex paper cutting to book carving, this is an ever expanding area of design that is hardly talked about.

These intricate paper designs grace museums and exhibitions throughout the world and is becoming yet another exciting medium of expression for many designers.

There's plenty more you can check out but here are a few that caught my eye:

Watch This: Mos Def – History feat. Talib Kweli (Creative Control Color Edit Video)

"The history / every soul got one indeed / it's where you been & where you be / & without understanding you cannot proceed"

Mos Def Feat. Talib Kweli-History (Creative Control Color Edit) from Creative Control on Vimeo.

... & that my friends is Word. Need to go bump "The Ecstatic" like it was '09.

Why The Raiders Remain Mired in Mediocrity

So first Gannon puts in a call.

Then the Raiders continue with their usual childish & petty acts and hate on the former Raider.

Now, what could've been our final chance at resurrection, comes to his senses and says nevermind.

I guess management loves going 5-11.

There's a reason why we aren't good. There are glaring problems (Russell) yet we aren't taking the initiative to correct them even when a probable solution comes & rings our # to offer help. Excellence at it's finest.

I'm not even disappointed anymore; moreso apathetic really. What Jonell say? "Round & Round we go".

Minus the caps, the Raiders gear is staying in the closet. SMFH.

Go Raiders (ehh)

Watch This: Camp Lo - Double Doors (HD Redux)

For my Hip Hop heads, but more specific to all the b-boys/b-girls.

PS: I never used cardboard.

Watch This: Parkour Motion Reel

Saw this at Freddie's:

parkour motion reel from saggyarmpit on Vimeo.

Watch This: RJD2 - Let There Be Horns

Bull in a glass shop. Dope visuals to a dope track by RJD2.

M'TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy & Spirituality Orientation

For open minds only:

M'TAM, the oldest initiatic science known to man, offers the most ancient knowledge this world can produce. M'TAM is a continuation of the historical 'Mystery Schools' of the Nile Valley that the Priests & Pharaohs had to pass through in order to attain their respective positions as spiritual & world authorities.

The Boondocks - 01/06/10

Struggle ain't no joke.

Russell In Vegas


Jerry wrote:

A reader alerted colleague Cam Inman that JaMarcus Russell was at the Palms in Las Vegas.

Inman called the hotel and got confirmation from the front desk.

Coach Tom Cable said Monday Russell and Richard Seymour were excused from the final team meeting “for personal reasons.”

At least it was an excused absence.

Whatevs whatevs. Overweight sizzurp sippin' 2k version of Leaf.

Reading: The Pitfalls of National Consciousness by Frantz Fanon

Some notes, so i don't forget where i put them:

the national middle class constantly demands the nationalization of the economy and of the trading sectors. This is because, from their point of view, nationalization does not mean placing the whole economy at the service of the nation and deciding to satisfy the needs of the nation. For them, nationalization does not mean governing the state with regard to the new social relations whose growth it has been decided to encourage. To them, nationalization quite simply means the transfer into native hands of those unfair advantages which are a legacy of the colonial period.

- wanting to govern as the oppressors did

- fed up & rather than changing how the system worked to benefit the people, they are giving the system which kept them down new blood. Except now, it's hiding behind an image of 'nationalism'.

- basically, they did it, i want to do it to. A mind state that colonialism bred into those colonized peoples, so when independence is on the horizon, rather than taking a true leap there instead is a 180 degree turn back into the cutthroat ways of a colonial system.

As an individual, it's easy (okay easier) to elevate past issues of inequality for the purpose of benefiting the nation. As a collective, minds swing every which way & some cling to those destructive ways which put them in the position wanting independence in the first place.

... and my cipher keeps rolling like a rollin' stone.

Mos Def - History feat. Talib Kweli

"Everybody act according to the season that they born in"

Dumbfounded Freestyle Battle KO

Somebody lays hands on Dumbfounded & gets whooped on.

Wow. I've never seen that move landed. LOL

Bone Thug-N-Harmony - 1st Of Tha Month

1st of tha 1st.