Reading: The Pitfalls of National Consciousness by Frantz Fanon

Some notes, so i don't forget where i put them:

the national middle class constantly demands the nationalization of the economy and of the trading sectors. This is because, from their point of view, nationalization does not mean placing the whole economy at the service of the nation and deciding to satisfy the needs of the nation. For them, nationalization does not mean governing the state with regard to the new social relations whose growth it has been decided to encourage. To them, nationalization quite simply means the transfer into native hands of those unfair advantages which are a legacy of the colonial period.

- wanting to govern as the oppressors did

- fed up & rather than changing how the system worked to benefit the people, they are giving the system which kept them down new blood. Except now, it's hiding behind an image of 'nationalism'.

- basically, they did it, i want to do it to. A mind state that colonialism bred into those colonized peoples, so when independence is on the horizon, rather than taking a true leap there instead is a 180 degree turn back into the cutthroat ways of a colonial system.

As an individual, it's easy (okay easier) to elevate past issues of inequality for the purpose of benefiting the nation. As a collective, minds swing every which way & some cling to those destructive ways which put them in the position wanting independence in the first place.

... and my cipher keeps rolling like a rollin' stone.