Watch This: DJ Roc Raida Tribute Time Lapse Video

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Here's a Roc Raida trib.

Watch This: COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop)

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RIP Roc Raida

Grand Master Roc Raida
May 18, 1972 – September 19, 2009

Another icon gone.

Lord Finesse on battling Roc Raida:

And he was supposed to be in Daygo in 10 days. WTf world...

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2009 NFL Season: Week 1 Preview

After a mostly mild offseason for the Raiders, the last few weeks showed that a season could not start without controversy.

Staff infighting? Check. Head scratching trade? With a late arrival? Check and check.

And so the 2009 season officially begins with a bang for the Oakland Raiders. On prime time no less.

The last time the Raiders opened against the Chargers, it marked the beginning of the horrible 2nd campaign of Art Shell. Now, here we are, facing them again, looking down at the barrel of an 11 streak loss against the Chargers, the monkey of seasons with 5 or less wins since 2003 on our backs, and a pathetic 24-72 record over a span of 6 years.

It's bad, but the bottom might have been felt by Oakland too long.

They finished strong in '08, winning their last 2 games to close the season, and they seem primed to show the league just how much headway they've made.

The shaky preseason they've had shows they still have much to go, but the integral pieces are there.

QB JaMarcus Russell has the team in his hands, and he has shown significant growth from last season. The team will go as far as he takes them.

The running game is eager to get going with newly named, and rightfully starting RB Darren McFadden, who should explode this season. Plus Michael Bush & Justin Fargas for relief, the run game will be relied on heavily 'till Russell gets his feet under him.

Where the offense has major questions (besides Russell, of course) is along the line and the inexperience of the receiving core.

Do the new starters LT Mario Henderson and C Chris Morris and the rest of the OL have what it takes to go up against the fierce pass rush of the Chargers? If they can't hold up, it will surely be more of the same ass whoopin' we've been seeing and never been accustomed to.

The big disappointment out of the offseason was the injury to WR Chaz Schilens. Along with TE Zack Miller, the SDSU product looked to be the most comfortable receiver with Russell. Now, 2 rookies in Darrius Heyward-Bey and Louis Murphy will be starting against an experienced and opportunistic San Diego secondary.

The offense surely has it's hands full against what should be a top tier defense on opening night, but the Oakland defense also is looking at an unfavorable matchup.

The penultimate Raider killer this decade in LaDanian Tomlinson is still running for the Chargers and has always posed a threat against the Raiders. Even as time catches up with Tomlinson, the Raiders have not had an answer against the RB, so hopefully the new DC in John Marshall does what Rob Ryan could never do and bottle up LaDanian.

What's scary is that the Chargers don't lean on Tomlinson anymore. Their offense revolves around young QB Philip Rivers who is arguably a candidate for league MVP. He has a plethora of weapons in budding star WR Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers, and not to forget Pro Bowler TE Antonio Gates. Shit, they even have RB Darren Sproles who is quick as hell. Other than Asomguha in the secondary, i see a mismatch all across the board. We will have to bring pressure, and it starts up front.

The pickup of DE Greg Ellis was a step in the right direction. Now, we pick up another stalwart up front in Richard Seymour and things might be interesting tonight. DTs Tommy Kelly & Gerrard Warren have been up and down with their play but maybe, just maybe, the addition of these 2 veterans will help them elevate their game. With a better front 4, LBs Kirk Morrision, Thomas Howard, and Ricky Brown should find ways to make plays. I hope.

All that hype, and i'm still iffy on this game. And i'm as close to a blind optimist with my team as Voltaire's Candide. The Chargers have had our number for quite some time, and that 3rd preseason dress rehearsal against New Orleans shook what minuscule confidence i was clinging on to.

But maybe this time it's different. Maybe we'll just win, baby.

Urban Projekt

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Watch This: Andre 3000 Talks Hottest MCs List

3K on the list MTV uses to lure Hip Hop heads to actually pay attention to them. Glad he mentions Luda & Black Thought cuz i agree they both nice. Peep:

I should really do one of these lists one time. When i was younger i was into all that "ranking" of MCs & stuff. They're fun topics to dabble with other people (esp. when you're irie!) but i doubt there's a "definitive" top... or is there? TBC!

Watch This: TD Camp - Off The Pacific feat. Casual & San Quinn

Yea! That Bay/CA feelin' ALL up in this! CHUUUUUCH!

Raiders Trade For Patriots DL Richard Seymour

Was asleep and Banks sent me a text that read:

Richard seymore congrats

Still sleepy, football the last thing on my mind, i quickly replied:

Hope he got something in the tank left

After waking up and finally getting on the computer, i'm able to assess the trade better.

i'm 50/50.

On one hand, we let a 2011 first round draft pick, a pick that could be potentially high, for a 29 going on 30 year old vet who is in the last year of his contract. Did i mention injury problems? Well, that too.

On the other side of the coin, we address our defense, specifically the DL where we've sucked ass for a long time. He's proven, so that's a plus. It looks like our DL is shaping up to be quite formidable (at least on paper) with Ellis and Warren and Kelly there. Hell, the addition of Seymour could make those guys better (i hope).

It still remains to be seen. I want to see us stop the run and stun the league on Monday night with a W against the rival dolts. If we can then improve over the season, maybe get a winning record this season... then yea, it's worth getting Seymour. Welcome to the Silver & Black!

Re: 53 Man Roster

So we got to 53 today and tho i know the roster will change more by the time the season plays out, there are a few things that stuck out in my mind:

1. Release of CB/KR Justin Miller

He kept us in games last season particularly for his ST skills. This is the biggest shock to me. Thought we had a good thing with him returning kicks and JLH returning punts, but what do i know, i'm just a fan. Hopefully the UDFA rook Nick Miller plays balls out or Branch can get us a couple of TDs returning kicks. Maybe even Rankin gets us good field position, i dunno. All i know is, Miller set us up with good field position plenty of times last season, i expect nothing less from whoever replaces him.

2. C Chris Morris starting

Wow. I'm sure every other person following the Raiders has the same response. I just hope that Cable made the right decision here. Cable sites consistency as his strength, well, he better consistently hold up against the likes of Jamal Williams & other premier DTs/NTs, cuz he's snapping the ball to our $65 million dollar man & opening up holes for our RBs. Oh, and i want to see no fuck ups in the QB/C exchange, please. That shit shouldn't happen in games.

3. Release of DT Terdell Sands


Watch This: Ghostface's Wizdom of the Week #3

Tony Starks enlightening us on the finer points of pleasing your lady. LOL

Ghostface's 'Wizdom of the Week' #3 from on Vimeo.

Watch This: Hip Hop Mestizaje: Racialization, Resonance, and Filipino American Knowledge of Self

Short documentary about Filipino American artists across the U.S. who use hip hop culture as a reference for racial identification and a tool to facilitate knowledge of self.

Fitting i find this, on the day i got Tag 101. Props to Cyph for diggin it up from filamfunk!