Watch This: DJ Premier Interview With TheUndergroundComeUp

The legendary DJ. 'Nuff said.

DJ Premier Interview With - 50 Cent, Eternia & MoSS, Blaq Poet, Royce Da 5'9, & More Discussed from THEUNDERGROUNDCOMEUP.COM on Vimeo.

Terrace Martin - Ridin' Music feat. Problem & Kurupt

Oldie (2k8) but a goodie. And yes, that fool T. Martin talks for a while at the beginning. No wonder Kurupt starts his verse off with, "Man i'm exhausted..."

Terrace Martin - Ridin' Music feat. Problem & Kurupt

Watch This: Mos in Osaka

Copped from the peach blog. Does a verse off "Embassy". The Ecstatic out now!!!

Watch This: Bambu - "Quit"

Off "Exact Change". Pinoys represent!

Bambu - "Quit" Produced by iLLMind from LightWork Media on Vimeo.

Watch This: Reflection Eternal "Back Again"

Well here's the official video! Real Hip Hop is mos def Back Again! Can't wait to see these fools at RTB LA!

Talib Kweli + Hi Tek-Reflection Eternal -Back Again-Vid Premiere

Watch This: Gobelins for Annecy 2009

Really into the short flicks today. Here's a vid with a few shorts. Supposed to intro each day of the Annecy 2009 fest/thing/i dunno. Dope nonetheless. My favorite one is the Fenrir one. They all dope tho. Peep!

Watch This: Kiss of the Scorpion

Dope short film by Alex Brotje. Murder on the train! Copped from Super Punch

I can't put up links to stills for some reason (ineptitude) but here's the link. About 12 min but dope if u like to see a good story & characters developed. Not to mention the art's ill as well. Enjoy!

Kiss of the Scorpion

Watch This: Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y "The Checkpoint"

Never was into Khalifa. Heard some of Curren$y's stuff, never was too into it. Champloo tho i fucks with. So this song is automatic ill. Chuch.

Watch This: Obama Kills Fly Like A Ninja!

Martial arts dubbed. Didn't know Barrack studied like Carradine!

Crips v. Bloods

Some OG's going at it.

Watch This: Dead Prez Interview

Get that power, then sit at the table. Pulse of the People out on the 23rd!

Watch This: Pharoahe Monch Freestyle in London

Supposedly old. Pharoahe murks it. Take notes herbs.

Pharoahe Monche Freestyle from Rob Ellis on Vimeo.

Death Of Autotune stuff

So Jay-Z dropped his single Death Of Autotune and i guess that's what everyone's on. I don't really fucks with Jay like that but it's whatever. Here's a freestyle from a West Coast son Jay Rock over the beat and a remix with the Visualiza AZ. Now these i'll fucks with.

Jay Rock - D.O.A freestyle

Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Remix) feat. AZ

Watch This: The Cleveland Show Trailer!

I don't know what to say. Some of it looks funny, some of it looks... not funny. Oh well, i'm sure it should be good. It took me a year to warm up to Family Guy.

Watch This: Slick Rick - ACT: LIVE Interview

MC Ricky D does a quick interview with James Niche being super respectful to the legend (i'd be geeked too). He goes into La Di Da Di right after and it looks packed as fuck. Old school flavor for that ass. P.S. i think Slick is still the bling monster of Hip Hop

ACT:LIVE Interview with Slick Rick "The Ruler" from HanlonPhotographic on Vimeo.