Re: 53 Man Roster

So we got to 53 today and tho i know the roster will change more by the time the season plays out, there are a few things that stuck out in my mind:

1. Release of CB/KR Justin Miller

He kept us in games last season particularly for his ST skills. This is the biggest shock to me. Thought we had a good thing with him returning kicks and JLH returning punts, but what do i know, i'm just a fan. Hopefully the UDFA rook Nick Miller plays balls out or Branch can get us a couple of TDs returning kicks. Maybe even Rankin gets us good field position, i dunno. All i know is, Miller set us up with good field position plenty of times last season, i expect nothing less from whoever replaces him.

2. C Chris Morris starting

Wow. I'm sure every other person following the Raiders has the same response. I just hope that Cable made the right decision here. Cable sites consistency as his strength, well, he better consistently hold up against the likes of Jamal Williams & other premier DTs/NTs, cuz he's snapping the ball to our $65 million dollar man & opening up holes for our RBs. Oh, and i want to see no fuck ups in the QB/C exchange, please. That shit shouldn't happen in games.

3. Release of DT Terdell Sands