First Writing Assignment for '09 (Mesa College)

So i had my first writing assignment for 1 of my 2 English classes today. It was a reflection/response to the poem by Sappho (yes, the one who trained girls on the island of Lesbos) entitled "Deathless Aphrodite of the Spangled Mind".

You would think, being an English/Lit major i'd be all on this. Quick flick of the wrist & be fin in a minute shit. Few problems:

1) Didn't even read the material. (Broke = no textbook)

2) I've bought real estate at writer's block. (At least i feel like it)

We had 10 minutes just to write whatever thoughts on the poem & this is what i free-wrote. (With touches of what i feel about the writing now).

Just wanted to share:

On Sappho's "Deathless Aphrodite"

It's despicable to even want unwilling love. To ask favor of a god at that brings it to another level of shamefulness. [gaudy language. Yawn]

What if you don't care though & really want that person? Is it obsessive? Or even selfish? [What is "Yes for both, Alex

To be in that position to ask for something that should naturally come is what is really interesting to me. I'd have to ask myself, "would i be weak enough to ask for help if it can't be done? [aka slackin' on your pimpin'] Or do i do like Isaac & 'Walk On By'"?

Personally, i'm done with the Pharcyde having girls 'Passin' Me By' but everytime i let them walk there is another venture to lift my spirits up again [corny]. Plus i'm much wiser & more experience & most important - more emotional armor. I guess it's true that, "by lettin' her pass, i had proved to be a better man". The question to arise then would be when will that "one" worth stopping for come?

Really percy shit, huh? Good thing we didn't have to turn it in.

Wanted to go on but then again class ended...

... and i'm not about to divulge