Ready to Break Out in '09: Chaz Schilens

So listed Chaz Schilens as one of the wide receivers ready to take the leap from 10-15 receptions to 50-60 receptions:

5. Chaz Schilens, Oakland Raiders: Schilens had 15 receptions for 226 yards and two touchdowns last season, and he is the best-looking receiver in Raiders camp right now. Schilens caught six of those balls in the last two games of the year (both Raiders wins), and it appears he is on the verge of being a favorite target of quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

I was surprised we had to see him play last season partly because he was buried in the depth chart to start off the year. Going away from season's past habits, we put faith in our young guys in Higgins & Schilens and we were entreated to see something we haven't seen since Brown & Rice: WR production. Now that he has game time exp under his belt, i'm def wanting to see more from Schilens, and 50-60 receptions sounds pretty good with our offense that looked juvenile at times.

Tall, check. Fast, check. Where i think his game is underrated is catching it in traffic. Hopefully he polishes that game up because we're going to need a solid possession receiver as i don't think anyone else has the cajones to nab a ball where safeties and linebackers lurk.

Good luck Schilens, we all need you to step up!