NFL: 1st Q Review

I'm just gonna rant. When you're 1-3, that's all you can really do.
I have to be honest, i didn't watch the last game, listened to the one before that, and caught only the last 5 min. of week 2. There actually has been things to do other than drinking, boiling my temper and screaming obscenities at a mockery of a team.

What looked to be a promising season slowly regressed into the continued trend of piling loses. When will it fucking end?

The offense has crumbled. I'm not even going to look for stats. I know we haven't scored a touchdown in 2 weeks. San Diego v. Pittsburgh scored 4 in 1 quarter. We epitomize futility.

WR is stacked... with non production. Dunno why Walker isn't playing. DHB looks to be an influence in '10-'11. Thank goodness for Murphy. Hope Chaz comes back and gets rolling right away... we need something.

OL is still a concern. Gallery's out, now shitty ass Green too? I hope for divine intervention that whoever plays behind him is better.

No running game. It was like 1 yard in the 1st half last game against Houston till Fargas got a cosmetic 13 yarder to end the half. Wow. Then i see McFadden's out for a few weeks. That top pick sure is paying dividends. At least we get to see Bush play more, who i see as a more well rounded back of the 3.

QB play epitomizes pathetic. Sorry, disgusting play by #2. I don't want him pulled (yet) but there hasn't been evidence in his play that shows any progress. That's disturbing since last season he ended up on a good note. I'll let him ride out the season before i start getting him, but it's getting really, really difficult.

The defense looked to be different opening night. Now we've slowly gotten into the groove of sucking ass again. We were gashed on big plays last week and those are mental errors. The secondary needs to get that worked. Huff started the season hot but has cooled down so there aren't any real playmakers out there. Yea, we got Nnamdi, but he can't do it alone.

Then there's the front 7. Oh the front 7. Even with Sey & Ellis we still can't stop the run. 'Backers need to get into position. Kirk need to stop tweeting and start grinding or he outta here next season. Same with Howard (except i think he might have 1 more year). I don't even know who plays strong for us anymore, but it don't sound good.

I can't believe our special teams is sucking ass too. Punt & kick coverage have been very underwhelming thus far. I thought picking up Miller all over again would help us but he barely got to the 20 on kick returns. Well, he got cut again. Punt returns also have been shitty. Dunno of Higgins is truly healthy, but i do know we haven't done shit returning punts.

Then there's the coaching staff. I hate how we're forcing the passing game. We have (had) 3 backs but we rarely were stubborn with the run. Thought this was a running team. Now all it's doing is just exposing Russell. Decision not to play players when playing them can't hurt (Walker, Bush)? I don't like what i see. Now Cable might get suspended for his altercation with Hanson? I don't want to say it, but Cable looks like he was a muppet for Al to stick his hand up the poop shoot and make him do what he wants.

No flowers here. The perfume can't hide it. You play like shit, you get a shitty grade. F's all around.

Still reppin' tho, chuch.