J-Live - Satisfied (Dub Version)

I'm not satisfied!

J-Live is def 1 of the illest MC/Producers out there. Plus dude is a teacher?! GTFO with that herb ass raps!

I remember i was at Disneyland bumping J-Live's "All Of The Above" and a worker asked me what i was bumpin. My prejudice ass looked at the overweight, pale middle-aged woman & assessed that she didn't know shit about what i was bumpin, but i replied "J-Live". She gives me this funny look then says, "you know, his album just came out and it's on sale at Best Buy for $9.99. You should go get it".

I'm like, "word"!? I didn't get it, but that bumped me off orbit a bit just cuz she knew about it. Much respect to the Disneyland employee! Peace!

19 - Satisfied (Dub Version) - J-Live