End of the Year (Part 1)

Whattup fam?

I gotta clear up space on my HDD. There's just too much music, some of which i rarely listen to unless there's that off chance that the melody or a lyric pops into my head. So this is my lazy attempt to share what i've come across throughout the whole year.

Imma do each section by month, starting with January. I'd up each individually, but that would take more time than i'd like to. So here's the 1st one! Enjoy!


- El Da Sensei, Pacewon & Exposition - Too Many MCs. On some real shit.

- Erykah Badu - On & On (D Will Remix). I fell in love with Ms. Badu this year & this track is doooope!

- Kurupt - I'm A Gee. Not sure if this was '09 or '08 but it's in my January '09 folder so here it is. This is a classic track. Kurupt been dope... "since the age of 3 muhfucka!"

- U-N-I - Beautiful Day & Return (Prod. by Bannon) feat. Talib Kweli. I'll be real, i wasn't up on U-N-I till my sister introduced me to em & i only got the 2nd track cuz Kweli was on it... but both are bangers! Esp. Beautiful Day... that shit's the new '93 Til... at least it gives me that same vibe! People say the remix is better, but i fucks with the OG.

January 2009


Not like this is a comprehensive list. Lots of good albums came out and i didn't put out every heater from each album. This is mostly the stuff that's been force fed & hyped on blogs & things i've come across on forums. I've also left out stuff by Crooked I, Jay Rock, Styles P, Nipsey Hu$$le, Blu, Ya Boy cuz i put em in their own folders. Them muhfuckas is tight haha! Chuch!