End of the Year (Part 9)

Final Q!


- Bekay - I Am feat. DJ Revolution (Prod. by Alchemist). Some boom bap shit, forreal! Alc killed this one and Bekay comes thru.

- BK-One - Here I Am feat. Phonte, Brother Ali, The Grouch. "If you lookin' for the best then here i am". Word.

- Drake - Fear (Prod. by DJ Khalil). Well, i first got this cuz Khalil was on production. Not on that Drizz hype, but i like the shouts to SV & LB! That's Hip Hop right there. Plus he got the catchiest hooks around. "Please don't be scaaarrreed of meeeeee".

- Erick Sermon - Cool (Prod. by Erick Sermon). E is simple & sick on this track. Even with this simplicity, he sons a bunch of cats, chuch.

- Ice Cube - Raider Nation. Do i gotta even speak on this?!

- Lee Bannon - The Return 2 feat. U-N-I, Talib Kweli, Zion I & Sha Stimuli. U-N-I grew on me over the year but i did get this cuz of Kweli & Zion. "Ah one two, ah one two".

- Lee Wilson - Soul Kiss feat. Mos Def. "Slow down ma, u killin me..." Everything Mos did this year is nasty. This shit is some smooth shit right here. Too bad everytime i was forward they took it as me being rude.

- O.C. & A.G. - Think About It. The Phenomenon & The Giant. DITC. FAYBAN, on some real shit.

September 2009

Hope u all have a great night!